Nyungwe Forest Park

Nyungwe Forest is the most ancient Forest in East and Central Africa.  This has allowed a range of floral diversity of great depth with more than 200 species of trees and many flowering plants including the giant lobelia and a number of orchid varieties.

The main motivation for visiting the park is to experience the variety of primates, 13 species in all.  Chimpanzee trekking is the main activity but the forest also has l'hoests monkeys, large troops of Angola colobus monkeys are other key species.  The most famous bird and greatly desired TICK on many birders list, is the giant blue turaco that announces its dinosaur like passing with a distinct mechanical flapping of wings overhead.

The forest has an easy to follow network of walking trails which cover the forest extensively and allow views of the plentiful waterfalls.  Chimpanzee tracking has a round a 60% chance of success and seing most of the primates will require a 2 day stay.

The park is only a short distance from Butare and Cyangugu.  Most of the accommodations are basic the only high end accommodation is Nyungwe Forest Lodge.